Lake Isabella

If you want to get further West from Death Valley, you’ll have the Sierra Nevada infront of you. As we are still early in the season, the Sierra Nevada is still full of snow and the roads over it are closed. So we needed to turn south, driving through the Owens Valley (with Owens Lake), and then up the hill through a beautiful Spring scenery in direction of Lake Isabella, where we took a pit stop there before getting to our next destination, the Sequoia National Park & Forest.

A drive and stop which did not disappoint.

Sierra Nevada and the Owens Valley:

That’s a Swiss Joke.. (for non-Swiss: San Bernardino is a very famous and busy road over a pass in the Swiss mountains)


Lake Isabella:

Afterwards, along the Kern River, as well as…
…some orange orchards and…
…along some oil pumps

… and further in direction of our destination: Sequoia National Park.

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  1. Alas, again, beautiful pics, and an excellent joke. Seeing such beautiful pics is getting boring!! Just like the Julier Pass, is the under ground passage to excellent Italian Brunellos

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