Sequoia National Forest & National Park

Sequoias are monstrously big trees with a beautiful brown-orange bark. Idealistic as we are, we actually thought Sequoia National Park is a forest just with these trees. But as unique as these trees are, Sequoia N.P.  is a “normal” forest, as we know it from Switzerland, but with some wonderful Sequoia trees in it. So, besides our small disappointment, it’s a beautiful park and you feel like in a fairy tale. If there wouldn’t be all this tourists (like us 🙈). Although there is not high season yet, and lots of streets, campgrounds and picnic areas are still closed, it’s just packed with people and it was difficult to be alone at some points which took a bit the romantic touch of the park.

To get into the National Park, again you’ll wait:


Sequoia National Park:
If you enter from the South (via Three Rivers) you’ll start at the bottom and then it goes up and up and up… until the Sequoia’s start.
Tunnel Log

Moro Rock, within Sequoia N.P.:
Climbing up the stairs is well worth for the beautiful view above Sequoia N.P.

On Congress Loup Trail:

On Big Trees Loop Trail:

Beetle Rock


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    1. Danke! Freut mich besonders wenn du das sagst.. nicht gerade General Sherman.. der war mit etwa 50 Personen abgeschirmt (und Hunde sind dort nicht erlaubt). Das war auf einem Nebenweg, einziger Weg im Park wo Hunde erlaubt sind. Dort hatte es aber genauso große.. mindestens ich hätte den Unterschied zwischen diesen Sequoias und G.Sherman nicht erkannt.. somit war das cool


    1. They are huge.. sometimes if you do not know you need to find Dominik on a picture, you just see the tree and the little person dot on the picture gets overseen. They are monstrous..


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