Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia N.P. belong together. You can visit both together, although it’s quite a drive and most people visit Sequoia only.

We did enjoy Kings Canyon N.P. even more than Sequoia, as it has much less people and you’ll find in the beginning of the Park some Sequoia trees as well (e.g. “Grand Tree” is there) and it even has an old fallen one, where you may walk through, which is quite impressive, as it gives you the imagination of the size of these trees (more than if they just stand infront of you).

You start at a high elevation and then go down into the Canyon. It’s a very scenic route and a beautiful mountain scenery.


The town Three Rivers, just outside of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park is a very lovely town with some nice restaurants, such as the El Buckaroo, where we took two times our dinner as it was so good.KingsCanyon-5

On a hike in Three Rivers, with little rivers, which Eyra enjoyed a lot:KingsCanyon-1KingsCanyon-2KingsCanyon-3

And a dinner on our campground.. we tried to be healthy for once..KingsCanyon-4

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