Paso Robles and the Wineries

From the Mountains of Kings Canyon we drove South-West close to the coast in Central Coast California to El Paso de Robles (short Paso Robles), which is famous for its Californian wine. It’s a beautiful little town with lots of very good restaurants and of course tons of wineries around, where you can do wine tastings.. to the extend that one evening Sarah didn’t feel too well anymore 🤪.

Especially in The Cheval (thanks to a tip of C.H.) and the Daou Vineyards (thanks to a tip of C.R.) we enjoyed some excellent wines paired with wonderful food. Thank you both for your advice!

On our last day we tried for the first time “Harvest Host“, where you may stay one night at a winery itself with your RV over night. A very fun experience.. wonderfully calm, nice wine, fresh eggs and at our host, the Stacked Stone Cellars Winery, a real farm with lots of animals.


Driving into Paso Robles… wine and wine and wine…

The town of Paso Robles:
Wine & food in The Cheval (Pony Club) in Paso Robles

The Daou Winery:

Driving further for one day to the neighbor town San Luis Obispo:
A very nice town, with lots of good shops and restaurants. Over the hill we got the typical fog, which is often here in the morning up to midday. Reminded us of Cape Town.
Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo

Our Harvest Host site at the Stacked Stone Cellars Winery:

And as there is so much to do in Paso Robles, besides just completely blast yourself with wine.. there’s another blog coming up 🙈, where we drove to the real Californian Central Coast.. Morro Bay.

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  1. With your great selection of pics, you brought back memories to both Ulla & I about Paso Robles, and the coast, in that part of California.


  2. San Luis Obispo ist eine Studentenstadt und wir haben dort auch schon zweimal übernachtet jeweils als wir Hwy Number one von SF nach LA gemacht haben.


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