Black Hills

The trip from Makoshika State Park in Montana (see here) through North Dakota to the Black Hills in South Dakota was really beautiful. From the badlands to wide open agriculture land, some oil wells and then the wooded Black Hills – just amazing and a lot of different views.

After almost two weeks of dry camping it was really nice to have full hook-ups again – and the campground was pretty nice (see here). That means: long showers, charging my devices not only in the car, air conditioning – and Netflix!

The most famous attraction here in the Black Hills is Mount Rushmore. That’s George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln… but when you walked around in this park for one hour, you have seen everything and made every picture possible…BlackHills-5BlackHills-4BlackHills-3BlackHills-1BlackHills-2

The Black Hills are also famous for great hiking trails – I could not resist and hiked with Eyra the Black Elk Peak, a beautiful 7-mile hike with some nice views, wild raspberries and blooming flowers.BlackHills-15BlackHills-11BlackHills-7BlackHills-6BlackHills-9BlackHills-12BlackHills-10BlackHills-14BlackHills-13

My campground (see here) was near the cute, but quite touristy Hill City.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful colorful pics !! Our family*s first Western vacation was to the Dakota’s & Montana in 1956 !! 👍😎


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