Theodore Roosevelt National Park

From my base camp in Makoshika State Park (see here) I made a day-trip to Theodore Roosvelt National Park in Noth Dakota. I visited the South Unit, drove the scenic loop and walked a couple of really short hikes (because – one more time – I had to leave Eyra in the car). But I enjoyed the nice landscape, the views, some wild horses and bison.TheodoreRooseveltNP-5TheodoreRooseveltNP-11TheodoreRooseveltNP-2TheodoreRooseveltNP-3TheodoreRooseveltNP-8TheodoreRooseveltNP-10TheodoreRooseveltNP-4TheodoreRooseveltNP-9TheodoreRooseveltNP-1TheodoreRooseveltNP-7

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