Badlands National Park

The probably most famous badland landscape is the Badlands National Park here in South Dakota. The popular Notch Trail was really fun with the ladder you had to climb. Door Trail was quite nice but really crowded when I was there.BadlandsDoorTrail-1BadlandsDoorTrail-2BadlandsNotchTrail-5BadlandsNotchTrail-3BadlandsNotchTrail-2BadlandsNotchTrail-4BadlandsNotchTrail-1 I did like the 7 mile Castle Trail / Medicine Root Trail a lot, much less crowded, diverse, and beautiful – and I was lucky to start early in the morning, because it was a hot day.BadlandsCastleTrail-1BadlandsCastleTrail-6BadlandsCastleTrail-2BadlandsCastleTrail-4BadlandsCastleTrail-3BadlandsCastleTrail-8BadlandsCastleTrail-5BadlandsCastleTrail-7BadlandsCastleTrail-9

I have seen interesting wildlife in the park:

Prairie Dogs – they look and behave a little like meerkatsBadlandsPrairieDog-3BadlandsPrairieDog-2BadlandsPrairieDog-1

Big Horn SheepBadlandsBigHornSheep-2BadlandsBigHornSheep-1BadlandsBigHornSheep-3

I almost made it. This is the last place I visit all alone… in just a couple of days Sarah joins me and we are finally three on the road again! It was an interesting experience to travel alone (with Eyra) for almost two months. I did a lot of hiking, biking and some backpacking, I did read really a lot of books – but I did exercise much less than I planned too… I met a lot of interesting people and fellow travelers on the road. I really miss Sarah now, and I am so glad, that we can continue our adventure the three of us! I missed sharing all the beautiful experiences and of course I missed the company of Sarah, my love and best friend!BadlandsCarTrip-1BadlandsCarTrip-4BadlandsCarTrip-5

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  1. Once more, your pics brings back old memories, from my childhood, traveling my parents. Great words about Sarah & your partnership. We r now back in Arizona, arriving last evening from London, overnighted @ a spa/ hotel, & off to our home today. Looking forward to our home, again. Our best to Sarah from us.


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