Two on the Road

From “Three on the Road” to “Two on the Road”.. but luckily only temporarily.

Sarah went back to Switzerland for a business assignement for a couple of weeks. Dominik and Eyra decided to stay in the US and will continue the adventure with only “Two on the Road” for a limited time. The main-photographer and blogger is gone, but I will try to keep up with the blog and show you how the journey continues.


Stay tuned with Two on the Road 🤠.

5 thoughts on “Two on the Road

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  1. Doninik glad that you & Eyra are continuing. We’ll see Sarah in Zueri soon and have dinner with her. We look forward to your blog in Yountville.

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  2. Welcome back Sarah! Fun to see you by chance last week. And good luck traveling alone Dominik! Sarah knows that either of you can ask me for tips anytime wherever you are in the States!


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