Napa Valley

My first stop traveling without Sarah brings me to Napa Valley, the world famous wine area just north of San Francisco. I spent a great afternoon with a friend I met in 1996 when I was in San Diego. It was the first time we have seen each other after more than 20 years, so there was a lot to talk about. We did some serious wine tasting and had an amazing lunch. Thanks M.A!

The City of Napa is a cute town with a nice little riverfront promenade:Napa-5Napa-4Napa-3Napa-8 Napa-9

A little more north from the city of Napa is the beautiful village of Yountville with a scenic downtown and great restaurants (Thanks C.H. – it’s a great place).Napa-15Napa-11Napa-12Napa-14Napa-13

And right next to the Napa Valley there is Sonoma Valley, almost the same conditions for growing great vine, but a little less crowded… I visited the beautiful village of Sonoma with it’s famous Sonoma Plaza:Napa-18Napa-21

And since marijuana is legal now in California, they had to make new signs for the park 😂:Napa-20

I visited the valley on Memorial Day weekend. So there where not only a ton of people (Memorial Day is the official start of the summer season here in the U.S.) but also a lot of flags, flowers and gratitude for the military men, women and those who risk their lives to serve the country. You can experience a lot more patriotism here than anywhere I have ever been in this world!Napa-7

Nappa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Vacaville and surroundings is just a beautiful place – and it’s all about enjoying great food and amazing wine:Napa-10Napa-2Napa-1Napa-6Napa-17

The two on the road are now heading east to a remote campground near Lake Tahoe. See you on the road!

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  1. Looks great Dominic! Isn’t that that last one in Sonoma? Maybe even a champagne or similar vineyard? I think I‘ve visited that one too.


    1. It is called Domaine Carneros, and yes, they are famous for sparkling wine. It is located right next to highway 12 – the street between Napa and Sonoma. But technically it’s a part of Napa. I didn’t do any tasting there, but the property did just look amazing…


  2. Glad to made it to Napa, Sonoma and especially Yountville. It sounds like you had some great samples of that red (& white) beverage for which they are famous. Ulla & I took 6 of our Nordic friends, to the first stop on our journey, t0 Domaine Carneros for a taste of the California “bubbly”. And then, at our Yountville hotel, we all shared a magnum of Pol Roger, Winston Churchill Cuvee, 2000, which I received for my birthday. A great start to the week there !!

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  3. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! @Dominik, wir sind uns jetzt aber schon so ein 3-5 Tages Rythmus an Posts gewohnt!:-)


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