San Francisco, California

We drove further north along the coast, mostly on famous Highway 1. And as usual when traveling with Sarah, there was a lot of fog and drizzling rain for our visit of the Bay Area. A lot of friends did warn us that this city is dangerous, has a lot of crime and a lot of homeless people. We were lucky, we have still all belongings. But nonetheless this city is just so beautiful!

Driving towards San Francisco on Highway 1:SanFrancisco-1SanFrancisco-19

Great overview from Twin Peaks:SanFrancisco-6SanFrancisco-5

Downtown:SanFrancisco-8SanFrancisco-4SanFrancisco-25SanFrancisco-33SanFrancisco-28…and yes, we even visited the San Francisco Apple Store, since we love apple toys and it’s their home town!SanFrancisco-23

Driving down famous Lombard Street with our big truck:SanFrancisco-21SanFrancisco-22

Along the piers and especially Pier 39 (with all the sea lions)SanFrancisco-7SanFrancisco-34SanFrancisco-35SanFrancisco-36SanFrancisco-37SanFrancisco-2

…and this Golden Gate bridge is just so photogenic… we couldn’t stop taking pictures of this beautiful piece of engineering! SanFrancisco-12SanFrancisco-14SanFrancisco-13SanFrancisco-15SanFrancisco-20

Chinatown makes you really feel a little like you were in China…SanFrancisco-27SanFrancisco-29SanFrancisco-30SanFrancisco-32

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  1. So glad to see that you enjoyed one of the very best cities in the USA. My brother and his wife raided their family there and now their grandchildren. I have visited often and have never felt unsafe. I am enjoying your travels.


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