Valley of Fire, Nevada

From Utah we drove further West to the state line of Nevada.. the casino state. First thing you see entering is tons of Casino’s. And some advertising for cannabis, as it got lately legalized.

We went off grid in the Valley of Fire. A wonderful state park with exceptional stone colors, rare wildlife and lots of exciting shorter and longer pet-friendly hikes. It was a temperature shock, after we just had snow and freezing temperatures the day before, we have now real hot temperatures over 90 degrees F (32 C). The campground was just stunning (See as well pictures in the campground tab). And it’s Spring in the desert, so there are wonderful desert flowers everywhere.
Entering the Valley of Fire:

Spectacular coloring of the stones
(white, red, yellow, violet…) which you see on the scenic drive through park or while hiking:

On the wonderful campground in Valley of Fire:
a terrific night sky seen from our campsite..
.. followed by a terrific breakfast on the campsite: pancakes with once Marple syrup and Pecans and once with Nutella and coconut 🙈
..and a good relax sleep after it.

Spring shows its flowers in the desert of Valley of Fire:

Interesting Wildlife in Valley of Fire:

Colibri.. so beautiful.

And Petroglyphs.. this park has it all!:

Three on the Road stays in Nevada.. stay with us!

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