A Flashback of Zion N.P., Brice Canyon N.P. and Grand Canyon N.P.

As stated in our blog before.. we tried on our adventure to explore, everything what we haven’t seen on our 3 weeks trip in 2010 and try to see in addition to the typical famous national parks some less touristy spots.

As we drove through Utah on scenic interstate 70, we did skip the famous National Parks of Zion, Brice Canyon and Grand Canyon as well as Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon which we visited in 2010.

To complete a good overview of what to see in America for our blog readers, please find herewith some pictures of these parks and surroundings made in 2010:
Zion National Park:

Bryce Canyon National Park:

Lake Powell:

Antelope Canyon (near Lake Powell):
20100916-DSC_0073 (1)20100916-DSC_0099 (1)20100916-DSC_0127 (1)

Grand Canyon National Park:
20100917-DSC_0195 (1)20100917-DSC_021720100917-DSC_023620100918-DSC_0277 (1)20100917-DSC_0250 (1)20100918-DSC_0292 (1)20100918-DSC_0330 (1)20100918-DSC_0354

And do you know these two young cowboys/-girls?

So much for 2010… back to the future.. 😂

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