Still in in the state of Utah we visited Canyonlands National Park and the adjoint Dead Horse Point State Park (not to be confused with the Dead Horse Ranch State Park, AZ), where we were based.

Personally we did enjoy Canyonlands more than Gran Canyon, although it looks like the little brother of Grand Canyon, but it’s much more easy to take in, you have easy hikes to feel the canyon and there are much less people and tourism as in Grand Canyon.

We did not visit Grand Canyon, nor the other famous big parks, such as Zion or Brice Canyon on our tour, as we visited them in 2010 and tried to focus on what we haven’t seen and what is less touristy.

See for yourself what you think about the Canyonlands…

Driving through Utah in direction of Canyonlands:

Looks like Switzerland 😂

But then you enter the National Park of Canyonlands.. and nothing looks like Switzerland anymore:

And on the Corona Arch Hike.. just outside of the National Park, so that we can hike with Eyra (within National Parks, pets are not allowed on hikes in merely all parks).20180417-20180417-IMG_492120180417-20180417-IMG_488920180417-20180417-IMG_E4900

We’ll bombarde you now with some blogs, as we were off grid so long, so that we couldn’t do them and got behind.. in this and the next blogs you’ll see what we did the last two weeks.

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  1. As usual, great pics, vistas of areas of beauty and striking differences from the normal tourists’ routes.


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