Arches National Park & the city of Moab

As we haven’t visited Arches National Park in 2010, so we did visit it on our tour now, although knowing, that it will have thousands of tourists. And typically, first thing.. waiting on the entrance gate to get into the Park.

We do not know, if it were the hundreds of Chinese standing infront of each Arch or if we just didn’t get into that park so much.. we did like the nature driving through the park, but weren’t all too fond of the arches itself, especially the most famous ones. The only arch section we really liked was the Window Section.

While strolling to one of the most famous arches, the Landscape Arch, one they’re afraid of, that it will collapse soon, it started to snow (and was freezing cold). In the same time in Switzerland was about 25 degrees (77 Fahrenheit) and sunshine. I do not need to remind you, that one goal of our adventure was to stay out of the winter in Switzerland and have the warmth and sun of southern North-America 😳 Something just went awfully wrong here..

Moab is a funny town with some nice restaurants and shops and has the great advantage, that you can visit Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point etc easily all form there. So a good city to stay a while and you will always have something to do. It’s famous for off-road adventures. So if one has time, you actually should rent a Jeep and go off-road. We somehow just were too cold to do that.. but never say never..
The line at the entrance gate to get into Arches National Park.. and the Park itself:20180415-20180415-DSC_003620180417-20180417-DSC_001320180417-20180417-DSC_002520180417-20180417-DSC_000820180417-20180417-DSC_003220180417-20180417-DSC_006820180417-20180417-DSC_0060
Landscape Arch
Difficult to see.. but the white little points on Sarah’s black winter jacket are snow flakes
Delicate Arch

The Window Section within Arches N.P.:

Moab downtown:

Three on the Road now travels further West through Utah.

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  1. Best pics of that park that I have seen of this park. Your camera lens, and the photographer must have a very good eye! As a general rule, in the western part of the US, in higher altitudes and the further north one travels, the weather can be cool, cold, colder and snowy. I remember when I graduated from the University of Wyoming on 6 June it snowed circa 5+ inches!! And Laramie is 2,184 meters.


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