Mobile, Alabama

Mobile is a small town in Alabama. They have invented Mardi Gras, the carnival, which is famous in New Orleans now. They are utterly proud of this. The city is interesting and has some good restaurants and music clubs and beautiful southern style private houses. They have a huge battleship memorial park and a big commercial port.

View on Mobile from Mobile Bay:
Moon Pie Ball, which falls down on New Years Eve (similar to the NYC tradition). Moon Pie’s are small round cakes with marshmallows in the center and cake around it and some chocolate or other flavors topping. They get also thrown on people during carnival. In the city you’ll find a lot of carnival figures:
City of Mobile:
Hmm.. I wouldn’t know what to wear to go into this club! 🙂20180105-DSC_0092
Bus stations in Mobile City.. so sweet.
Other sides of Mobile City:
Wonderful southern style houses everywhere in the city… just gorgeous:
Excellent dinner at the Dauphin’s restaurant on the 34th floor of the Trustmark building in Mobile City.

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