Edisto Beach, SC

Edisto Beach is a famous beach area between Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. Edisto Beach State Park has a huge and amazingly beautiful system of hike trails which wind through Edisto island. Visitors are also there to fish for Flounder fish, boating and searching for the most awesome shells at the beach. It's covered... Continue Reading →

Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston

You cannot travel the Southern United States without visiting a plantation. And Boone Hall Plantation is one of the oldest here – it was founded in the 17thcentury, which is very old for the US. It was really interesting to hear the history of the slaves that worked here from a descendant of the slaves... Continue Reading →

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston was founded in 1670 and is the oldest city in South Carolina why it has therefore historically a lot to offer. It got voted "America's #1 Small City" and bursts with Southern charm. You feel like suspended in time. All these amazing antebellum houses, the cobblestone paved roads, horse carriages, the hospitality, the awesome... Continue Reading →

Huntington Beach, South Carolina

Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, between Wilmington and Charleston and near the famous Myrtle Beach was a bird's paradise. We are no experts at all in birds, but it was amazing the amount and diversity of birds. Moreover we are already back to gator land, but it was too cold for them to... Continue Reading →

Wilmington, NC

Driving back to the coast from Charlotte, the first thing we saw coming near to Wilmington, North Carolina, damages of Hurricane Florence and Michael which both hit the North Carolina coast this year with severe flooding. It's devastating to see.. as Europeans we have no idea of the power of such hurricanes and the long... Continue Reading →

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the biggest city in North Carolina and listed as the third-fastest-growing major city in the whole US. It's also the nation's number one tech town and home to the corporate headquarters of Bank of America and the East coast operations of Wells Fargo, which along with other financial institutions makes Charlotte the second-largest... Continue Reading →

Raleigh & Durham, NC

North Carolina is said to be the most livable state in the US. And we definitively could see why. You instantly feel comfortable in the big cities there. Raleigh (the capital of North Carolina), Durham (the university city) and in the next blog Charlotte (the financial city). Raleigh: Raleigh is the second largest city in... Continue Reading →


From Virginia Beach we drove further south along the eastern coast of North Carolina to the Outer Banks = OBX. This is a narrow but very very long strip of land along the coastline. Often you'll have on one side the ocean and some dunes, the street, and on the other side another dune or... Continue Reading →

Virginia Beach, VA

From Delaware to Virginia we again needed to cross the Chesapeake Bay, this time with the lower Cheasapeake Bay Brigde-Tunnel. Yes: Bridge-Tunnel! We had no idea what that means.. but first, we had to wait to find out. High winds.. this means, all vehicles with trailers and all trucks need to wait on a parking... Continue Reading →


From Washington DC we went back to the ocean to start our drive south along the eastern coast of the US. We crossed the impressive upper Chesapeake Bay Bridge via Maryland to the state of Delaware, which sits on a huge peninsula and was the first state in the US.  We visited the beach town... Continue Reading →

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