Devil’s Lake State Park This state park has some nice hiking trails and a beautiful lake in the woods with some beaches. A nice place for Dominik to hike some steep trails around the lake while waiting for Sarah who was flying to Chicago and a beautiful campground for Sarah to relax two days after... Continue Reading →

Three on the Road again 😁

After 2 months of “Two on the Road” and “One in the Office” we finally are all back together to continue our big adventure traveling the United States. The next few weeks will be a little different: we will stay at a friend’s house for a week and will after that have a guest from... Continue Reading →

Badlands National Park

The probably most famous badland landscape is the Badlands National Park here in South Dakota. The popular Notch Trail was really fun with the ladder you had to climb. Door Trail was quite nice but really crowded when I was there. I did like the 7 mile Castle Trail / Medicine Root Trail a lot,... Continue Reading →

Black Hills

The trip from Makoshika State Park in Montana (see here) through North Dakota to the Black Hills in South Dakota was really beautiful. From the badlands to wide open agriculture land, some oil wells and then the wooded Black Hills – just amazing and a lot of different views. After almost two weeks of dry... Continue Reading →

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

From my base camp in Makoshika State Park (see here) I made a day-trip to Theodore Roosvelt National Park in Noth Dakota. I visited the South Unit, drove the scenic loop and walked a couple of really short hikes (because – one more time - I had to leave Eyra in the car). But I... Continue Reading →

Makoshika State Park, Montana

After spending so much time in Yellowstone and getting tired about dog logistics (see here) I really enjoyed staying in a State Park again and being able to bring Eyra to all the hikes (sorry about all the many dog pictures in this blog… ;-)). Makoshika State Park is a small Park in eastern Montana... Continue Reading →

Wildlife in Yellowstone

Driving the park roads in Yellowstone is like safari. You always have to be prepared to stop and pull over because there is some wildlife to see. And the bigger the traffic jam, the more spectacular the sighting… ;-). Alright, I took just so many pictures of the fascinating wildlife – here we go: Bison... Continue Reading →


This special place was on my bucket list for a very long time – so I booked 9 nights at the campground just to be sure to catch a couple of beautiful sunny days. And it is always nice not to be in a hurry! It was good to have so many days, this park... Continue Reading →

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