Wilmington, NC

Driving back to the coast from Charlotte, the first thing we saw coming near to Wilmington, North Carolina, damages of Hurricane Florence and Michael which both hit the North Carolina coast this year with severe flooding. It’s devastating to see.. as Europeans we have no idea of the power of such hurricanes and the long lasting build up phase in nature and villages afterwards. On our campground several construction & restoration service provider used the site as their base camp.

Wilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NC

Going ourselves to the beach (Wrightsville Beach, a barriere island infront of Wilmington), seeing the beauty and calmness of the ocean and people enjoying the water, you can’t imagine, that one day this could be a brutal force.
Wilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NC

Historic Downton of Wilmington is a small neat area with some good restaurants, beautiful houses and a very nice riverwalk.
Wilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NC / Fork n' Cork
Excellent Burgers at Fork n’ Cork, downtown Wilmington
Wilmington, NCWilmington, NCWilmington, NC

See Three on the Road going to South Carolina.

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  1. Interesting pics of an area we do not know. We have been in a typhoon–an Asian hurricane of much less velocity than a hurricane which you noted. And that typhoon was bad enough !


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