From Washington DC we went back to the ocean to start our drive south along the eastern coast of the US. We crossed the impressive upper Chesapeake Bay Bridge via Maryland to the state of Delaware, which sits on a huge peninsula and was the first state in the US. Cheasapeake Bay Bridge

We visited the beach town Rehoboth, which is quite lovely but also a bit touristy. Especially in summer we can imagine that it must be really packed. As a beer-lover, Dominik was drawn to the famous Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth Beach. While Dominik enjoyed some good beers, Sarah enjoyed a fun “dog broad jump contest” on the beach promenade.
Rehoboth, DelawareRehoboth, DelawareRehoboth, DelawareDogfish Head Brewery, Rehoboth, DelawareDogfish Head Brewery, Rehoboth, DelawareRehoboth, Delaware
Check out that one dogs phenomenal jump:
Dog Jump, Rehoboth, DEDog Jump, Rehoboth, DEDog Jump, Rehoboth, DEDog Jump, Rehoboth, DEDog Jump, Rehoboth, DEDog Jump, Rehoboth, DE
Not all dogs were as courageous…
Dog Jump, Rehoboth, DE
… or elegant..
Dog Jump, Rehoboth, DE
… but all of them extremely sporty compared to our beloved Eyra, who rather enjoyed people watching on the promenade.
Rehoboth, Delaware

Near to Rehoboth Beach we found the lovely little gem of Lewes town:
Lewes, DelawareLewes, DelawareLewes, DelawareLewes, Delaware
which was close to the State Park “Cape Henlopen“, where we had our RV and enjoyed a sunny but cold day on one day and…
Cape Henlopen S.P., DelawareCape Henlopen S.P., Delaware
got hit by some rough winds another day, why we found the next morning quite a huge mess infront of our RV:
Cape Henlopen S.P., Delaware

See Three on the Road in Virginia soon.

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  1. Again, great pics of a beautiful area, to which, we have never travelled. Look forward to seeing Eyra in her next jump, viewing the public, or having just a grand time.


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