Stunning surrounding nature of Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix.. known for hot temperatures, deserts and dust storms.

But.. next to the definitively beautiful desert, you’ll find mountains, lakes, rivers.. lots of wild life and for example wild horses! You can hike, bike, play golf or even boat and fish..

We enjoyed the nature of this area with the current temperatures very much… 😎


And some lovely little wildlife viewings, just by sitting outside infront of your RV on the campground;20180329-20180329-DSC_000720180407-20180407-DSC_000520180407-20180407-DSC_0002

an outdoor gym at Usery Mountain Park.. how funny.. even I would do some sports there!


Saguaro Lake:
Wonderful hikes with the best views on the lake and the possibility of renting boats. This was also the place we have seen the famous Salt River Wild Horses. And how cool is this: Cactus and Lake.. in our minds just not matching, but real.

The Botanical Garden of Phoenix:
Worth to visit. They have concerts and even open-air-cinema’s and other cultural events within the garden.

After nearly 1.5 weeks in Phoenix, we will now head North again and hope, not to reach cold temperatures too quickly. Our first stop will be the area of Sedona and Cottonwood, in Northern Arizona.

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