Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix in Arizona, again a city, which has not the best reputation, especially in Europe,  and was not recommended to us to visit, but which is so beautiful and underrated in our view. On every corner they are building new parks, plant trees and try to upgrade the city. It even has city-ambassadors around everywhere to answer questions and keeping everything safe and clean. The temperatures are hot in spring already and you can enjoy nice warm evenings outside at the many restaurants with outside patios, even dog-friendly. A definitive plus for campers like us.

To the surrounding area belongs the upscale area of Scottsdale, with lots of expensive shopping areas, Golf resorts, chic hotels, a very good Farmers Market and the best restaurants in the area. We enjoyed two especially wonderful dinners with some good friends of ours. Thanks C.+U.H.! Also Tempe, with the Tempe Town Lake and Mesa, small cities in the suburb of Phoenix are beautifully arranged and welcoming. The whole area is full of Spa’s and shopping centers, it has a wonderful botanical garden as well as a lot of mountains with hiking trails and even lakes to boat near town.

A separate blog on Phoenix’s nature will show you the nature part, as it is so stunningly wonderful to see how diverse a desert area can be, which in Switzerland is only known for dust storms and hot dryness.

Downtown of Phoenix:


Surrounding town of Scottsdale:
Here are pictures of the Oldtown of Scottsdale with 5th Avenue. In Downtown Scottsdale and allover you’ll find the very upscale modern shopping centers and dining areas (Fashion Square, Kierland Commons etc).
the smallest Taco in the world 😂

Surrounding Town of Tempe:
Town Lake of Tempe and the cool Yard Tempe with the fun Gastropub “Culinary Dropout”.

Tempe, Phoenix, AZTempe, Phoenix, AZTempe, Phoenix, AZTempe, Phoenix, AZTempe, Phoenix, AZTempe, Phoenix, AZ

Apache Junction, village in the surroundings of Phoenix, with a fun pub&grill:

And we had the chance of seeing a blue moon while staying in Phoenix:20180329-20180329-DSC_0011

The next blog is about the Nature around Phoenix, which did astonish us the most. Definitively nothing to do with a dry hot desert.. 🌵

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  1. As usual, great pics and commentary re the Phoenix area. We have close friends in northern Arizona, who own a flat in one of the buildings you photographed in Tempe. She was the chairman of a private Swiss school–born in Venezuela with a Swiss mother and American oil executive father–her husband was a “geek” at one of the tech firms in Switzerland. Small world.


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