Maine – the Lobster State

We travelled further to the most north-eastern point on our trip, the state of Maine. We don’t know why, but we were always fond of Maine and therefore very interested to see it. With Sarah ‘s weather luck in early fall it was of course cold and foggy πŸ™ˆ. But still wonderfully raw and beautiful.

Rockland, MELobster Buoy Campground, Rockland, ME

There are extreme tides in the ocean.. at low tide, people are searching for special stones or shells and the boats sit on land. Also they have extreme temperature differences.. one day freezing cold, next day you may sit in a T-Shirt in the sun.
And they love lighthouses; they have special State Parks to visit just tons of lighthouses:

Lobster Buoy Campground, Rockland, MELobster Buoy Campground, Rockland, ME
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, MERockland Breakwater Lighthouse, MEOwls Head Lighthouse, Rockland, MELobster Buoy Campground, Rockland, ME

And of course Maine is famous for Lobster. Everywhere you find neat Lobster Shacks with excellent quality of fresh lobster and the popular Lobster Roll, which is also easy to eat for beginners like us who had no idea what to do with the whole lobster on our plate:
McLoons Lobster Shack, S.Thomaston, MEMcLoons Lobster Shack, S.Thomaston, ME

We stayed near the town of Belfast. An awesome little town:
Belfast, MEBelfast, MEBelfast, MEBelfast, MEBelfast, MEBelfast, MEBelfast, ME


We were on a cosy campground with excellent ocean bay views which had a fun Bluegrass Festival going on:
Searsport Shores Ocean CampgroundSearsport Shores Ocean Campground

…and of course good food again:


Our next destination will be the crown of Maine: Famous Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.


See you there.


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  1. The lobster you ate today, was caught this morning at Casco Bay…………..Had really good lobster there, when I worked in NYC. Brings back good memories.


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