Cleveland, Ohio

After the stunning Chicago, it was difficult to be similarly overwhelmed of a next city. Cleveland, in Ohio, has it’s hidden beauty. It wasn’t at first sight and easy to see… but it’s an interesting city to visit with lots of “street character”.

Whilst driving to Cleveland, it was the time as John Mc Cain died, where America did pay his respect in several huge billboards at several highways. Very touching..:ClevelandHudson-28

First views of the city of Cleveland:ClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandCleveland

We also visited the big Market Hall, which is really stunning; the stadium of the Cleveland Indians; and the new modern part of the city, Uptown; the Flats, the industrial part of the city and all the Beer shops.. Beer seems to be relatively important to Cleveland:
ClevelandCleveland, UptownClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandClevelandCleveland

And “Little Italy”, the Italian part of the city. A small part with some very good Italian restaurants, bakeries and some other shops and buildings with an Italian touch:Cleveland, Little ItalyCleveland, Little ItalyClevelandHudson-11

In the region there is also the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, in which we did some short hikes. Very special was “the Ledges” hike near the lovely Kendall Lake and also the “Brandywine Falls”:Cuyahoga Valley NPCuyahoga Valley NPCuyahoga Valley NP
and we got reminded of the Film ” Ice Age” 😂:
Cuyahoga Valley NP

Our RV park was next to the town of Hudson, Ohio, about 30 minutes south from Cleveland, which was lucky, as it was a lovely little town, with excellent restaurants, free open air concerts, farmers markets, a nice shopping street etc.:
Hudson, OhioHudson, OhioHudson, Ohio

Next stop will be the awesome Niagara Falls.

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