Saguaro National Park, near Tucson/AZ

Saguaro National Park is as the name says, a park with lots of old Saguaros in it. These cacti can get as tall as a three story building (50 feet) and get very old (around 150 years old). There are lots of trails for hiking and some ancient stone pictographs to find.


Wonderful evening sky in the desert campground adjoint Saguaro National Park
Unfortunately we could continue our drive further North-West in the evening only, as our car needed to stop by the garage for emergency treatment the whole day. So-called Pack Rats have eaten through some control wires of a cylinder, so that the engine emergency light blinked and we couldn’t drive further. As always in the US, this means.. waiting, waiting, waiting.. so we sat 7 hours on the parking lot of the garage:20180326-20180326-IMG_4403

But we got compensated with the most beautiful evening sky with some rains in the distance while driving further North-West. Unbelievable colors..20180326-20180326-DSC_004920180326-20180326-DSC_006120180326-20180326-DSC_0066
As we like it hot.. we’ll continue our travels to Phoenix and will stay there some more time to enjoy the warming sun and meet some good friends of ours.

See Three on the Road there!

6 thoughts on “Saguaro National Park, near Tucson/AZ

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  1. GREAT, GREAT pictures of the Saguaro, the evening sky, and the Indian Petroglyphs. You two must create a travel book with your best pictures. And of course, of Eyra. But we did not see any rattlesnake pics !


  2. Immer noch absolut geniale Fotos. Freue mich jetzt schon wenn ihr in unserer Lieblingsgegend seid. Grand Canyon, Monument Valley et al. Gruss


    1. Da müssen wir dich enttäuschen.. Grand Canyon werden wir auslassen, da wir diesen im 2010 besucht hatten und trotz der langen Dauer unserer Reise beschränkt sind auf was wir Zeit haben zum Ansehen und was nicht.. tragisch gäll? Aber Monument Valley und Arches sind wir gerade am planen 🙂


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