Wonderful State Park Campground

We continued our travels to the Inlands of Florida and reached a wonderful State Park Campground.

Squirrels and birds welcomed us.. but our neighbors told us as well about the very poisonous Coral Snake, which they’ve just seen today on the footpath we walked. The poison is strong enough to lead to death (Humans! So I do not want to know what it would mean for little Eyra). We do hope not to meet them as our neighbors did and just enjoy the beauty of nature and tranquility out here.

3 thoughts on “Wonderful State Park Campground

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  1. Enjoy. But please watch out for Coral snakes. Any snake you see with stripes–red, black, yellow, etc–is likely to be one. I know of these, as when we went to Florida, at that time, they were aggressive–i.e., they would chase pets or humans if they were disturbed.
    In those pictures, we didn’t see any beer, wine or champers. What happened ?


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