Niagara Falls, NY

The Niagara Falls are just overwhelming! You can look at them from all sites and could shoot hundreds of pictures and you always think you saw something new. Incredible.. We merely looked at them on the American side and at night we hopped over the bridge to the Canadian side.. but without too much more words.. just enjoy the Falls:


To get up and close with the Falls, we did the “Maid of the Mist” Boat tour  and gosh, we were wet all through, as it had more winds than usual.. To get a real feel, watch our video!NiagaraFalls-17DCIM100GOPROGOPR2897.NiagaraFalls-14NiagaraFalls-16NiagaraFalls-15NiagaraFalls-13

Video of Maid of the Mist:



Another day, we drove a short way South to Buffalo, NY in the early evening to have dinner at Larkin Square (“Food Truck Tuesday”). About twenty food trucks with all kind of meals, live music and a wonderful easy atmosphere.
Buffalo, NYBuffalo, NYBuffalo, NYBuffalo, NYBuffalo, NY

And back at the campground next day, Eyra chilled at the campground beach of Lake Ontario. With this lake we’ve seen most of the big lakes in the northern region and they’re all awesome and just look like the ocean, with the advantage of being not salty, what Eyra finds just great:
4 Mile Creek Campground Niagara Falls

We are traveling further along Lake Ontario and will have some work & relax stops along upstate New York and Vermont and then slowly but steady head in direction of the East Coast through New Hampshire to Maine.

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  1. Niagara falls sind genial. Haben wir auch gemacht. Wart ihr auch auf dem hurricane deck, direkt unter den kleinen American falls? Gruss


    1. Ja, sind wunderschön.
      Das eine Foto wo man eigentlich nichts sieht (haha) war von dort. Da es unüblich fest gewindet hat, stäubte es mehr als üblich und man sah nichts da man nur Wasser in den Augen und auf der Kamera hatte. Aber es war mega lustig 😂


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