Chicago, IL

What a city.. breathtaking! Chicago, in the state of Illinois, also called the Windy City. For us it seemed like a mixture of a huge American city with cool skyscrapers, a touch of Asia (Bangkok and HongKong) and a kind of a European touch with some nice old buildings. We completely fell in love with this city..

Although it’s the third biggest city, in downtown it doesn’t feel as big, but very comfy and secure at all times. The new River Boardwalk is excellent. Chicago is constructing tons of new buildings and paths for people to enjoy.

As its very photogenic too, Sarah made again tons of pictures, why we need to do two blogs and they still will be packed with pictures 🙄. We hope you’ll enjoy Chicago with us…

Let’s start with a view from the top (from the John Hancock building):Chicago-38Chicago-37

The Grant Park, including Millennium Park with a beautiful garden, lots of art and the huge Buckingham Fountain and the famous glittery bean (Cloud Gate):

And within the Millennium Park the Crown Fountain.. a super photogenic point:

Further through the city to the old and the new River Boardwalk and the area around it, with the now even more famous Trump Tower. Along the older part of Riverwalk are relaxed bars under trees, along the newer part are fancy wine bars where you may even dock on with a yacht:

Strolling through the Loop of Chicago:
Shopping in the Magnificent Mile (like Bahnhofstrasse Zurich, just much more green and cooler shops):Chicago-36

Going down to the Navy Pier:

And to the Lincoln Park.. such a green city:

And back at the Navy Pier, we took a boat ride along the River:

And we enjoyed the pet friendliness of the city.. so that we even could take her to restaurants (patio outside) and on the boat trip.Chicago-47
And Eyra enjoyed her own window on the boat 😂

Stay along for the second part of Chicago.. by night.

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  1. Chicago ist wirklich super mit einer unglaublichen Geschichte, zum grossen Teil leider nicht sehr schön… der Chicago River floss früher in den Lake Michigan… ca. 1871 kehrten sie den Flusslauf um… Wahnsinn… und sonst noch viele Geschichten! hat Eyra etwas mehr Kilos auf den Rippen als zu Beginn oder täusche ich mich da?:-) safe trip weiterhin, Guggi


    1. Ja das mit dem Fluss haben wir gehört.. Wahnsinn was man alles machen kann. Trotzdem ist die Stadt einfach unglaublich schön und spannend..
      Das kann sein, evtl ist’s auch nur ihre Frisur oder mehr Muskeln haha.. bei uns ist’s leider weder noch!


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