Chicago by night

Just enjoy some views of the awesome city.. by night:


Unfortunately we already needed to leave Chicago and Lake Michigan. But we’ll come back..

We now headed to the next big lake, Lake Huron. See you there.

8 thoughts on “Chicago by night

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  1. OUTSTANDING photography in a very photogenic city. You should also see its beauty in December with Christmas markets and Christmas lighting, VERY festive.

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  2. Your pics certainly depict you real enjoyment of this city and its beautiful position on Lake Michigan. As you both know, I grew up in Chi-Town, and it was a very enjoyable city me–great live jazz, and rock n’ roll bars, and dance clubs. In later years, my parents took my brother and I to some of their favorite restaurants in the city, and I guess that’s where I really learned to become a “foodie”. Glad you enjoyed that city, and as I have not been back since 1974, I’ll take Ulla this fall.


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