Monument Valley, Utah

In late afternoon we passed after a scenic drive from North Arizona the state line of Utah. Monument Valley is sitting on the state line of Arizona and Utah and is consuming both states for itself.

We directly headed out to the scenic overlook of the Monument Valley and could shoot some nice sun-downer pictures of the most famous hills (the Mitten’s) of Monument Valley. Luckily, we did this! Already in the evening, but even more during the night and the next day an uncomfortable storm hit us again. After merely no sleep (it rocks quite a lot in a RV during strong winds and feels less safe, although we know, that our RV is storm-prooved, as it has already survived the hurricane Irma) and just having one day at the Valley, we still headed out for a hike. What a mess.. sands in our eyes, mouth and noses and Eyra allover and you couldn’t barely breathe nor walk.. and back at the campground we realized, that the sand pressed into the windows and was just in every litte crack of the RV 😩.

Driving up from northern Arizona into Utah (South-Side Monument Valley):

View from Campground to Monument Valley:
At Gouldings Campground we were nestled in the hills with a view to Monument Valley and some little “Gassi-Geh” hikes within the campground (e.g. Arches Hike).

Monument Valley:
View from the Overlook/Visitor Center into the Valley at sunset.

Hiking the Wildcat Trail within the Monument Valley during stormy sand winds:20180413-20180413-DSC_009120180413-20180413-DSC_009920180413-20180413-DSC_0087
Do you find the face on the hill? Like the mask in the movie “Scream”.
This is how stupid a human looks, trying to fight the winds while walking… dogs do this with elegance!

Before / After the sandstorm:


While driving further the next morning with wonderful clear weather, the Monument Valley from the other side (North-Side):20180413-20180413-DSC_002820180414-20180414-DSC_0102

10 thoughts on “Monument Valley, Utah

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  1. Coole Fotos. Ah ich wünschte wir wären auch dort. Einfach ein magischer Ort. Tut mir leid, dass ihr etwas Pech hattet mit dem Sandsturm!!


  2. Now you have both, along with Eyra, experienced the northern AZ & Utah, experts in dealing with the Spring wind and resulting sand blown everywhere. Hope you do not have anymore strong gusts of wind. But Monument Valley is impressive & interesting to both the Indians and tourists. Did you take a jeep tour of that area? Again, great pics and insights.


    1. Yes.. are these winds in Spring only? The gusts can be horrendous. And the sand in the RV.. yep annoying.
      MV was impressive, absolutely. No, unfortunately not, it didn’t make sense with all the sand in the air..


  3. Yes, the winds are in Spring only, at least in northern AZ, and brought about by the changing weather from cold to warmer temperatures for summer, from Canada. .


  4. Forgot to mention, if you are travelling north to Colorado, Wyoming, etc., the weather can be cold. I remember when I went camping in early May in Wyoming at Teton/Yellowstone National Forest it snowed, and when I graduated from the University of Wyoming, it snowed on June 6 !! in May, we called it the muddy season…..


    1. Brrr… no, we go West via California and will be in Teton/Yellowstone and Denver/Colorado in July. But we just needed to cancel Yosemite which we wanted to go through on our way to California, as the pass is still closed due to snow.. and we had some snow today!!!!


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