San Antonio, Texas

A gorgeous city.. so big, but seems so small.

Downtown you’ll find the famous Riverwalk, which goes miles and miles through downtown but also far outside and is a beautiful way to get to know the center of San Antonio. It feels a bit like Venice in Italy. If you want to see the huge size of San Antonio, hop on the Tower of Americas, where you may see the city from above. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and excellent wine with an absolutely lovely couple which we met on the campground there. Throughout the city you’ll find quite some history. We visited most of the Missions, which are very beautiful and reminded us again of Tuscany, Italy. You also feel the history of Mexican immigrants. There is a historic market square, which is very colorful and full of Mexican art, music and food. So, the city shows a lot of diversity, with some Cowboy life (as you could see in our Rodeo blog earlier), modernity and also history, a decent food, wine and music culture. We’ll definitively come again…

Downtown San Antonio:20180226-20180226-DSC_002020180226-20180226-IMG_319720180226-20180226-DSC_002320180226-20180226-DSC_005620180226-20180226-DSC_003820180226-20180226-DSC_004720180226-20180226-DSC_002720180226-20180226-DSC_003720180226-20180226-DSC_006920180226-20180226-DSC_0071

Mexican Historic Market Square:

Riverwalk (Downtown San Antonio) by night:
You may take a boat tour, which is very romantic (GoRio Boats).20180223-20180223-IMG_307820180223-20180223-IMG_308720180220-20180220-IMG_2920
…of course a very special restaurant for someone from Basel 👍😁

… and a cool Piano duel at a Bar in Downtown to finish an exciting evening.

The Missions of San Antonio:

Tower of Americas:20180226-20180226-DSC_008120180226-20180226-DSC_008920180226-20180226-DSC_009120180226-20180226-IMG_321120180226-20180226-DSC_0097

…and of course we always got accompanied by our beloved beauty.

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  1. Never been to San Antonio, but the pics look very inviting. So, you said they have a good food culture, and the wine also ? Vaya, tomando, Chicos, vaya !!

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    1. Yes! All very good.. I definitely could recommend you to go.. and just 1 hour away from S.A. is Fredericksburg which is in the Hill Country where the Texan Wines are made.. just came from a wine tasting of a winery.. excellent!! You would love it!


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